Profesional woman from Cardiff is looking for casual sex

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I am looking for an interesting man who does more then a beer drink and play rugby, Hi my name is Theresa and I am an office manager for a computer sales company in the heart of Cardiff, I work hard most of the week and have very little spare time, As I have been single for the past few years now that hasn’t really been a problem, well until now that is. Recently I realised that my social life was none existent and that all I was doing with my life was working, there must be more to life than this.

I know there are some sexy and interesting men out there I see them every day but never really paid attention, well as I said until now that is. I would like to put the fun back into my life, so after talking to friends I started to look at online adult dating sites. I needed a site that catered especially for woman in Wales so when I found Adult Dating in Wales I thought my prayers had been answered, I am looking for an interesting man who does more thena beer drink and play rugby, some one who will treat me like a lady open doors for me give me his last rolo if you know what I mean.

However if you are a beer drinking rugby player, I’d love to meet you too. Confused yet! Now more then I am lol. Write to me and I will get back. Hugs and kisses

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